Hai Long Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a commercial production of probiotics and complementary feeds used in aquaculture with production lines up to international standard ISO 9001: 2015.
After the success of the product line for canvas ponds, the company has been constantly researching and upgrading to launch a high-class product line "GOLD" featuring some products such as:
- Group of microorganisms: Pond One, HL-Kezyme, HL-Aquazyme, ...
- Nutrition, vitamins, minerals group: HL-Lactozyme, HL-Calphos, HL-Tomto, HL_Butaphos, HL-Sumo, HL-Bôganix, HL-Magnie, Sup Miral ...
- Environmental treatment group: HL-Viking, HL-Antirus, Aqua Dine, ...
With the improved products consistent with high-tech shrimp farming model, it will help farmers save costs and bring the highest profit.
Hai Long determines that "Product quality" is the core value of the company and determines the success of customers, which is the foundation for the sustainable development of the agriculture and fisheries industry.
Updated on 24-03-2020