Kien Giang: Shrimp farming towards safety, sustainability and efficiency

In 2020, Kien Giang province will develop 3,200 ha of semi-industrial shrimp farming, focusing on Long Xuyen Quadrangle and U Minh Thuong in the direction of safety, sustainability and efficiency, striving to reach 28,000 tons. By this time, about 700 ha has been stocked, 3,632 tons of shrimp have been harvested.
According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Kien Giang: In order to raise shrimp safely, sustainably and effectively, the province has well implemented the work of environmental monitoring, warning, disease surveillance on shrimp, promptly handling bad situations, detrimental damage caused shrimp farming.
In addition, functional units carried out 44 demonstration sites in 7 districts and cities with industrial - semi-industrial shrimp farming in the two regions of Long Xuyen Quadrangle and U Minh Thuong. Training of shrimp farmers on the technical process of industrial white shrimp farming using high technology, saving water in the direction of VietGAP ... so that farmers have enough knowledge to apply the correct process in production. Organizing seminars for shrimp farmers to access enterprises supplying seed, materials, product consumption, exchanging knowledge and experience on shrimp farming.
The province plans to invest in completing a 3-phase electricity system for semi-industrial shrimp farming areas in 3 districts of Kien Luong, An Bien and An Minh to meet production needs. Ha Tien City invested in dredging the degraded irrigation canals to take initiative in water sources for aquaculture.
In 2019, the province's industrial - semi-industrial shrimp farming will reach 2,850 hectares, with 24,827 tons of harvested shrimp. The application of high technology and water saving to industrial and semi-industrial shrimp production has been widely expanded. In 2019, the area of ​​shrimp raising in 2 phases, lined with bottom canvas reached more than 950 hectares, has contributed to improving, raising the productivity of industrial - semi-industrial shrimp in the whole province to 8.7 tons / ha / crop.
Updated on March 27, 2020
According to Thuysanvietnam